Project Team

Professors Ned Benton and Judy-Lynne Peters, Co-Directors

This project is supported by the Master of Public Administration Programs at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY. The following are the faculty members and students involved. For each student we have identified a research focus.


Students: Master of Public Administration in Inspection and Oversight

  • Matthew Thompson – Coding U.S. Census records
  • Julius Caranda – Street directory addresses for NYC slave holders.
  • Paija UpChurch – Albany registrations and emancipations
  • Valencia McMillan – NY State Comptroller records of payments for care of abandoned children of enslaved mothers
  • Erika Lawrenson – New Rochelle and Poughkeepsie registrations and emancipations

Valencia McMillan, an MPA graduate student in Forensic Accounting, examines a 200-year old invoice for the care of enslaved children, in the records of the Comptroller’s Office at the NY State Archive.

Students: Master of Public Administration in Public Policy and Administration

  • Tyresa Jackson – Colonial records of slavery
  • Marissa Moran – Yorktown registrations and emancipations, and the George A. Thompson Research Notes
  • Erica Martinez – Slave ships and investors 1715-1765
  • Marta Orellana – Survey of towns and cities to locate slave registration records
  • Colleen Mims – Hempstead registrations and emancipations
  • Laura Morales Sileo – Eastchester and Rye registrations and emancipations
  • Andrea Savinovich – Slave Owner Cemetery Records
  • Segun Olaniyi – Runaway slave advertisements in New York City
  • Danneris Cabrera Pena – Runaway slave advertisements in the Hudson River Valley
  • Arielle Rutledge – Early Police Watch Records – Police Encounters with Enslaved People

Students: PhD Program in Criminal Justice, Policy Oversight and Administration Subprogram

  • Frank Chen – Colonial and early national records of emancipations