Sites and Buildings with Histories of Slavery

Philipse Manor in Yonkers has the site tag site10701a

Records of slavery can answer the basic journalistic questions: who, what, when, where and why? Our database has documented the “where” of slavery by identifying counties, boroughs and localities in our records, and in some cases we have provided addresses. Some of the addresses refer to buildings that no longer exist, but in other cases the building associated with the enslavement still exists. In fact, in may cases the buildings house museums and historical societies.

We have therefore set up “site” records, that identify present-day houses  or buildings for which there are records of slavery in the past. Each house has a tag includes the present-day zip code of the address and a letter, so, for example, the first house in zip 10538 is “site10538a” and the second is “site10538b,”

If you are aware of a site or house for which there is a record of slavery in the past, you can inform us by completing this survey: NY Residences with a History of Slavery.

Once a site or house has a “site” tag, we then add this tag to other records of slavery associated with the property. We are just beginning to assemble site records so we have not yet identified all sites or associated records with all sites, buildings or houses , and this may take  period of years to substantially accomplish.

The following table lists the sites that are identified and indexed thus far.

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